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 Daniel John O'Connell, CSP, CET, CHMM, ASP, CHST, CHCM, REA 
 Board Certified Safety & Health Professional                 


“In all my years as a practicing attorney, I have never received such an excellent expert
report. This includes reports by doctors, engineers, and other experts of all kinds. Most of
their reports are confusing, convoluted, and something only they would understand. Your
report was spot on, covered all the aspects, was easy to understand and laid out in a
concise manner.  I really appreciate the effort, and I look forward to working with
Mr. O'Connell again on our next trucking or transportation case.”

Dara Khajavi, Esq. Consumers' Law Group, Newport Beach, California

"We searched the entire United States for an expert practicing safety professional with a hot asphalt construction and paving background. Mr. O’Connell’s skills in construction safety made him a perfect fit, and we immediately designated him as our safety expert. Daniel has very marketable skills for any case involving hot asphalt, grading and paving, or construction based injury, we strongly recommend his services.”

Michael Michel, Esq. Michel and Fackler, LLP, Walnut Creek, CA

“Mr. O'Connell is experienced and qualified regarding matters of safety and health at construction
sites in the State of California. He is a no-nonsense individual and would bring his comprehensive background
to such a role."

Robert D. Peterson, Esq. Principal Partner, Peterson Law Corporation, Rocklin, CA


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